Review on Slim Couture

This post was written on my Dayre two days ago.

I wrote it at 4am - 5am and deleted it at 530am (thereabouts) because I had wrote about a company, Slim Couture, that I was supposed to do a slimming ad for. In the end I rejected the ad as the treatment... Well let's just say it literally sucked (hahaha coz it involves doing ba guan or cupping). The deal went through Nuffnang. When I said I couldn't advertise for Slim Couture, the Nuffies were very understanding and said ok.

However, I didn't want to get the Nuffies into trouble as I heard the client can be quite... difficult to deal with. So I took the post down.

For some reason the said client was awake at that time and saw the post, then proceeded to scold the Nuffies anyway, saying Nuffnang is very unprofessional, allowing their bloggers to write bad reviews, even if it only existed for such a short time at an ungodly hour.

This was sent to my manager:

 Erm your english...


Not sure if she is kidding that she thinks Nuffnang writes my posts or is just a very confused individual...

Nuffnang has no say over what I write on my own blog. What I choose to post here is directed and approved by me and me ALONE.

Besides, being a blogger management company, Nuffnang places blogger editorial freedom first.

Without real, true opinions, a blogger has no credibility. A blogger with no credibility cannot sell ads, and Nuffnang cannot exist. 

Protecting a bloggers' right to freedom of speech - THAT is professionalism.

After a client pays for an ad a blogger has agreed to write for, Nuffnang facilitates and makes sure the ad is properly written and it is specified as an ad. THAT is professionalism.

If the deal doesn't go through and no advert happens, then Nuffnang owes the client nothing. My deal with them was over and resolved long ago. What I write now has nothing to do with Nuffnang's professionalism AT ALL.

Asking bloggers to mask shitty products or services as good, or pander to clients every little wish - THAT IS UNPROFESSIONAL, not to mention unethical.

A blogger's integrity cannot be compromised by mercenary gains, that's what I strongly believe it and always will.

After I took down the entry, I started immediately to hear stories of other people who went to this company too and also didn't lose any weight at all, wasting all their money. Whether they are lying to me or not, I don't know.

When people sign up for a package with them, all they hear and see are the magical success stories, but not the failures.

That isn't fair. It won't work for everyone just like it didn't work for me. It's better to have an all rounded view before deciding on spending so much money, don't you think?

Even before deciding on a movie or a simple meal at a restaurant, you are entitled to read both bad and good reviews before deciding yeah?

As such, I have decided to repost the entry that I wrote.

EVEN THOUGH THE COMPANY SAID THEY WANTED TO SUE NUFFNANG (or me I guess, since this has nothing to do with Nuffnang).

I believe just like anyone who can write a bad review of a restaurant, a spa or any other services or products they used, I can too.

I wrote on my deleted post multiple times that their services have worked for others, but it didn't for me. Is that not as fair a comment as fair can be? In fact, please do visit their website HERE to read testimonials on the women it has worked for. It has indeed helped a lot of women lose weight.

I wrote only my opinions. Anything here that can be perceived as a fact, is also just my opinion.

Here is my deleted post (with a little bit of editing):



So, my friend informed me that an ex friend of mine did an advertorial for a company that I was working with. I was so disgusted with the post, I'm writing in my dayre about it.

Here's the background story.

A month before I went off to Greece for my wedding photoshoot, a slimming company approached me. They used TCM methods like ba guan (cupping) and gua sha (scrapping) to help their clients lose weight.

Initially, I was very very excited. They told me in a month they had clients lose 6, 10, 15kg even.

There wasn't anything you needed to do except go for their treatment. No exercise required!

I only wanted to lose about 4kg. I should be able to do it, right? I'm only writing this because there are a few bloggers and even their partners go for this treatment - and they all had significant results.

So maybe this TCM slimming thing works. It definitely worked for others. Even with amazing results!

BUT. There is always a BUT.

Before everyone gets taken in by the mercenary deliberately-embellished and unpleasant-details-omitted blog posts these bloggers have been paid to write (some worse than others and btw I consider being given free treatment also a form of "payment"), I shall clarify the unwritten bits.

So I was saying... Disgusted with ex friend. I could barely stomach the article as she repeatedly praised herself on how good she looks throughout the blog post... It seemed to be that perhaps the post just an excuse to boast about her figure.

But never mind that... After resurfacing from the fathomless pool of humble brags I saw something which made me super irritated. The ba guan/cupping bruises which were a residue of the treatment were photoshopped away.

The excuse she gave was that the placement for the cups were top secret.


At this point let me go into more detail about why I eventually rejected that ad. Note humble brag here guys, I'm saying I have ethics.

1) after about 3 weeks, I didn't lose any weight. 

If I did, it was definitely within 1kg, which I find is normal fluctuation for humans.

2) The treatment required a special diet. 

I was asked to eat lots of cherry tomatoes, avoid carbs, eat less etc. You can't eat any red meat including chicken thigh, no salmon, or codfish or unagi either. No snacking on stuff like chips or biscuits. I already don't eat carbs much at all. I ate the tomatoes, and I tried very hard to go with their diet plan, but I'm sorry I do not have that kind of self control!

In the first place if you can have the self control to only eat healthy food, won't you already be skinny?!?!

When I asked that question, the slimming company said that that is true, but if you don't do their treatment, all your dieting weight loss will not be maintained. With their treatments you won't bounce back easily. Since I never lost any weight, I can't tell you if that is true or not.

Anyway, it wasn't like I binge ate. I really did try to eat healthier. But it is hard for me, because I stay up very late and what's there to eat at night? Maggie mee? Macdonalds? I know it sounds like excuses, but this wasn't what I signed up for. I was told all I had to do was so lie down for treatments.

I felt that most people who go to slimming companies probably don't have much self control when it comes to resisting sinful food anyway.

As such, the treatment might not work for them and I didn't feel right recommending it.

3) I was told that if I ate unhealthy food, it will make me gain MORE weight with the treatment than usual!

Wtf! Ok maybe not gain more weight, but it will affect me worse, as the TCM treatment was detoxing my body and if u eat "toxic" shit during a detox, how does it get flushed out?

Anyway that's horrifying. I kept eating unhealthy shit and telling myself I will skip the next meal, but next meal comes and I still eat as per normal.

Then after that I go do my treatments and get told I didn't lose any fat percentage and sometimes even gained. It stressed me like mad!

So anyway I maintained slightly better or same dietary habits. I even cheated and took a supplement that helps me retain less of the oils in the food I ate. The treatment should still at least work right??? But I didn't lose any weight, or perhaps I did a meagre 0.5kg??! We come to reason four.

4) I was told I did lose several cm around my thighs, belly etc. 

But I don't believe it. My clothes didn't feel looser. My weighing scale says otherwise.

I believe that the measuring tape can be manipulated by the person measuring. 1cm... Just hold the tape looser, really easy to achieve. I don't know if they did that of course, but seeing as my weight didn't drop, it is my opinion that the measuring tape's measurements shouldn't either.

5) The treatment fucking HURTS. 

This is coming from me. I am the Queen of pain threshold. I can put fillers in my face with no numbing cream. I didn't even find liposonix, thermage or ulthera that painful.

And yet I found this almost intolerable. The gua sha involves the therapist use this wavy bone thing to scrap against your skin. Google image gua sha yourself to see, thanks.

She uses force. It is actually quite nice on the back and on the neck, but on the inner thighs and inner arms it almost made me scream out in pain.

After that it's time for cupping. I rate this 9/10 on the pain scale. 

I'm not sure how many cups in total were used, but it feels like at least 50?? For about 10 mins the therapist sucks the air out of little cups and suctions them on my bare skin. It is barely tolerable for the first 10 mins after.

Then your body gets used to the pain and it's ok. Then you flip over and do it on the other side. 1 hr of suffering.

I was told I will get used to the pain after a few sessions, but I DIDN'T. Everytime I went I dreaded going in.

Look at the fucking bruises I'm posting below. How is it possible that something that turns you blue black all over not hurt? Don't kid yourself.

Maybe somehow my pain threshold for this is low. Because I see other women come in and out of the place and they must have tolerated their treatments, right?

To me, this doesn't make sense. If you don't mind pain and have self control, why don't you just diet and exercise like normal people do? Surely that's a lot cheaper too!

6) The cupping left bruises. 

As I was saying about ex friend's bullshit about the bruises.

I realised that none of the bloggers posted pictures of their bruises at all. This was the least favourite part of the treatment for me.

When I started I was told that the bruises will stay for 2-3hours MAX.

Now I'm wondering did I hear them wrongly? Because I remember my reaction was that it was really ok, and they said yeah, it will go off very fast.

In the end they lasted for about 5 days before they faded away, by which time it's time for your next treatment. So you have to constantly walk around with these stupid circular purplish marks all over your body for a fucking month.

When I complained about the bruises, the company told me it is because I didn't eat enough cherry tomatos. Roll eyes to the back of my head. To them, cherry tomatoes are god's gift to mankind and it can possibly also solve the world's energy crisis.

Here are some pics from my old dayre posts with the bruises.

None of these pictures are edited:

On my torso.

On my thighs. One light and one dark because they were from an old session and a fresh session, which I did twice a week.
The fucking marks were the reason why I wore this conservative long sleeved dress to nuffnang's birthday. I had bruises on my upper arms.

Like so.

You can see the fainter circle? That was from the previous treatment and it hasn't faded yet. Also, this proves that everytime I went, the cups were put on different spots, not at the exact same spots. (Important point for later)

 So awful

Three round marks... Made me so self conscious wearing a bikini. 

Check out my beautiful body!

Urgh. I wouldn't be so irritated if I knew what I signed up for. But I was told the pain was tolerable, the marks won't last more than a few hours, and I wasn't informed I had to adhere to a strict diet or it won't work at all.

In fact, I was told that another blogger (admittedly, fatter) also didn't really follow the diet and still she lost a lot of weight so I thought that will happen to me as well.

 I was goaded beyond words when I kept having to waste two days a week to come for treatments, suffer so much pain, then suffer my bruises afterwards... For no weight loss.

Eventually I told the company the treatment isn't for me.

The ad I was so excitedly preparing for them, wasn't going to happen because I had planned for a proud before and after photo... My after photos looks the same as the before. Except bruised.

I wasted 3 weeks I could have been on my D diet pill (got some leftover from last time) doing this treatment instead, and went to Greece for my photoshoot much fatter than I would have liked.

According to one of the bloggers' post, the treatment cost $200 per session. 

 I was told most people do a minimum of 8 sessions, so that's $1,600 already. 

Oh yeah I was saying why the "cupping placement are top secret" sounds like bullshit to me. 

Firstly, they cup so many areas that just showing thigh bruises don't fucking matter. Look at the last photo I posted - The cups were so numerous I couldn't even count them. My entire stomach, back, neck, even up to the back of my hands had cups on them. I looked like an octopus' tentacle when I was done. So just showing thigh bruises? INSIGNIFICANT AND UNIMPORTANT.

Secondly, I was personally told by my therapist that she cups every person differently, based on their needs.

So said ex-friend posting a picture of her bruised thighs won't matter. Nothing was ever told to me by the company that I cannot post pictures of my bruises... In fact, I did post pictures with my bruises and they didn't say a thing.

If anything, it probably wasn't posted because it is a deterrence to anyone who wants to try the treatment. Who wants to look like they got abused? If she wants her ad to be successful, she needs to hide the unpleasantries, right?

I'm not saying the company isn't ethical or the bloggers aren't. This is just a factual review of my experience with the place. I'd rather forgo thousands of dollars than risk my readers blaming me for making them lose shitloads of money because they trusted me and when to pay for something I vouched for.

Perhaps it really doesn't hurt so much for other people and perhaps the bruises only last 2 hours for them.

And maybe it is super effective in helping others lose weight. After all they boast about all the success cases they have. Especially for those people with a lot of self control when it comes to dieting and exercising too, surely their weight loss plan worked. (Then why you need the treatment I wonder?)

And they claim to give money back guarantee if there are no results... However, as I said the measuring tape can be easily manipulated. 1cm on each thigh, 1cm at the belly, half a cm each at the arms... Easily you can lose 4cm already yeah? Even if you change your diet just a little it is likely you lose at least 1 kg in a month... In that case I wonder if you can still get your money back. I don't know.

But I just wanted to say my side of the story. 

Afterall, before you drop thousands, you should know exactly what you are paying for, right?

Ok, rant over.

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Sunrise Greece - Wedding Photoshoot

When I first got the invitation by Sunrise Greece to go to Greece to do a wedding photoshoot, I must admit I was skeptical.

Flying my husband and I to Greece?

To Santorini, one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth, for a shoot? It sounds too good to be true. In any case, I couldn't go, I was heavily pregnant at that point and couldn't fit into a gown.

Fast forward some time, Cheesie actually went with Sunrise Greece for her wedding shoot. When she came back, she told us how she was really well taken care of by Sunrise Greece, how Santorini was even more beautiful in real life than in pictures, how the sky and sea are really THAT blue, and how she basically had a ball of a time there and wished she could go back.

I looked on in envy as she posted picture after picture on instagram while she was there.

Her amazing photoshoot

Her villa and its heated pool. The food! The cliff-side views of the magnificent Aegean Sea.

Santorini was one of my dream places to visit.

Moreover, I LOVE beach holidays. It's my favourite type!

Later on, when Dash was about 6 months old, Sunrise Greece contacted me again and asked if I would like to do my trip with them now.


Now, a lot of you asked why I didn't bring Dash along. My initial plan WAS to bring him along, until I went to USA with him. He was quite miserable the first few days there, because he was terrified of the new place and couldn't sleep well, waking up 5 times a night. I couldn't leave his side or he will cry. It was taxing on both of us, and that is with my awesome Mother in law's help plus all the home comforts like high chairs, baby food making equipment, nearby supermarket etc all available to me.

If I brought Dash with me for the ten days, can you imagine having to cook porridge everyday for him, having to stop to feed him said meals, bringing a pram up and down Santorini's many many stairs, or having to change a soiled diaper in my puffy wedding gown? It simply CANNOT be done. Even if it could, the most important thing is that Dash will be VERY unhappy unable to nap properly or sleep in his familiar safe bed etc. The last thing I want is him being unhappy. So I left him in Singapore in the capable hands of my mom and my helper.

And so my adventures with Sunrise Greece started!

Mike and I arrived at Athens first, to spend 3 days there, then 5 days in Santorini and another 2 days back in Athens. (Note, we had 10 days but the package for other couples is usually 7)


I will be doing another post on the holiday part of my trip, but the primary purpose of the trip is for my photoshoot, so YAY!! I will be sharing some of the pics today!

Before I do that let me first talk about Sunrise Greece!

They are wedding and honeymoon planners. What this means is that you go to Greece and they plan all your activities for you (including free time of course). They will also do a photoshoot and video and wedding ceremony for you.

For the wedding photography and video, they will provide and organise everything - hair, makeup, photography, bouquet, floral arrangement, location scouting, transport. All you have to do is to bring your gown.

All meals are included as are lodging. Usually when I go on tours that include meals, the meals are shitty touristy food. BUT WITH SUNRISE GREECE THE FOOD IS AWESOME. They are from authentic local restaurants painstakingly scouted by Sunrise Greece. As I said I will talk about this more on my next blog entry. Lodging wise... I stayed in a five star hotel and a two storey villa with attached heated pool. Need I say more?

For my photoshoot session, Sunrise Greece really went above and beyond.

They first asked me in detail the type of look I wanted... Appropriate flowers, backdrops etc were arranged for me. Besides the blue sea and sky look iconic to Santorini, I also told Sunrise that I craved a fairytale look. They said they will try their best. I didn't believe it could be done, so I didn't dwell on it.

(Digress: For my first photoshoot I'm wearing a powder pink backless gown from La Belle Couture, who also provided all Mike's suits. They have a HUGE selection of hundreds of wedding gowns as well as suits... Most importantly of all the service is EXCELLENT!! I was spoilt for choice but finally decided on 2 gowns, one pink and one white. After picking the gowns La Belle even helped me pick accessories for a complete look. :D)



All of them can be expanded for a clearer look fyi.

After seeing my pink gown, Sunrise Greece specially arranged for fresh pink and white flowers for my hair. I had a pretty white bouquet of matching flowers.


No effort was spared as we traipsed up and down Santorini in search of the most scenic views, which are scouted in advance by Sunrise Greece.

I think we went to no less than six different locations. For those of you who don't know, Santorini was once a volcano island. One day the volcano erupted and most of it got destroyed, leaving only a crescent shaped volcano caldera. This basically means Santorini is very steep. A car in there cannot go to many parts of the island, which are accessible only via stairs.

And we climbed so many of these stairs that day. I felt so bad seeing the Sunrise Greece staff work so hard!!

Also, I must say it wasn't very easy to move around with such a big gown, but I managed with help. Worth it because my gown is so pretty. :D

My favourite location is the cliff overlooking the sea with a field of daisies! To see such awesome scenery immediately put me in such a good mood. I was smiling to myself the whole time, happy to be soaking in such wonders of nature.

Finally the day ended with the most marvelous sunset as my groom carried me off. LOL


For this shoot I'm wearing a custom made gown by Keith Png! My headband is sponsored by Accessorize. Mike is wearing a suit from La Belle Couture.

If you look at the pictures, it's supposed to tell a story... The Princess, waiting for her Prince to find her... and the Prince searching for her... Both lost till they found each other...


And... We shot in a freaking castle!!



Bam, a HORSE:

Yes, Sunrise Greece actually found a horse for my Prince to ride on! WTFFFFF how can so effort one??

We actually went to a beach for this shoot and it was gorgeous with black pebbles instead of sand.... The black stones are volcanic rocks. They were so pretty I even took some back home. (Being the kiasi Singaporean I asked if it is illegal to take rocks and the Greeks looked at me shocked, saying of coz it isn't. I informed them that it is illegal to steal sand from Singaporean beaches.)

I'll be honest.

Horse riding is pretty terrifying.

My Texan husband was clearly at ease on the horse but I was panicking like mad. It doesn't look that high up on the horse's back but when you are up there it's a different feeling altogether!! The horse was a little fidgety and I kept wondering when it will suddenly gallop off or just throw me off its back by rearing up. I mean, if I were a horse I really wouldn't like humans to sit on me!

Now I have so much newfound respect for actors who just jump on horses and gallop off like that wtf.

Anyway due to my acute fear I didn't have many shots taken with the horse before I requested to come down to ground level.

But I'm still glad I was brave enough to go up the horse at least. I NOW HAVE MY FAIRYTALE PICS!!!


My third shoot day was also my wedding ceremony day!

Gown and tiara: La Belle Couture. Suit: La Belle Couture.

Although the ceremony isn't real per se with signing of papers etc since we were already married, it still felt so romantic as we renewed our vows and exchanged rings again. :))) We popped champagne. We ate cake. We had petals thrown on us. There is even a celebrant present to help us with our vows!

I was so happy that day. No girl will wish for two wedding days as that usually signifies that something bad happened with the first, but I never realised I could get another one, with the same man, in a different part of the world. :D

When I arrived I saw the tremendous amount of effort put into decorations... A giant white flowy arch decked with baby breath... A table of the most beautiful white flowers and an appropriately dressed Moet.

Why Moet, you look so handsome!

THE SEA... so blue.

It's so beautiful!! *tears up*

And with the vast Aegean Sea behind us, we exchanges vows and swore our love once again...

Thank you for asking me (again) to be your wife.... I do.

The most intricately decorated white fondant cake...

OK that's the pics! There are more but the rest I will keep for personal memories. :)))

If you are trying to decide on a honeymoon or photoshoot location for your wedding, I highly recommend Sunrise Greece.

They really go the extra mile to make their couples feel like kings and queens. It is one of the best holidays of my life!

Have you seen your friends doing overseas wedding photoshoots (esp to faraway places), spending exorbitant 5 figure sums and thought you cannot possibly afford that?


I was shocked to find out how much a package with Sunrise Greece costs! It is very reasonable! However, I cannot give you the exact price here because they are very flexible, if you wish for a very basic package, the price differs from a fuller one. You can always meet with them to discuss what you can get for your budget!

Here's the special Xiaxue package that I got!

- 2 nights in Athens at a five star boutique hotel
- 4 nights in Santorini at a boutique luxury hotel
- guided tour in Athens
- all museum tickets
- all meals (they were all super delicious. All the couples I met there agreed)
- all transfers
- one day cruise
- wedding arrangements (location, celebrant, sweet additional surprises like horses)
- legal documents in Greece, witness
- champagne, 1 tier cake, enriched flower decoration with Arch
- hair and make up with touch up for both days of the photo shoot and the ceremony
- photo shoot during the ceremony
- video during the ceremony
- whole day photo shoot (Separate day from the wedding)
- whole day video (Separate from the wedding)
- 100 edited photos

Everything is open with Sunrise Greece, there are no hidden surprise costs.

I simply cannot believe the value for money!

If you think about it, for a 7 day trip to Greece, how much will the lodging and food already cost you? And I'm talking about five star hotels and a least 3 courses for every quality meal.

On top of that all transfers are provided so you get chauffeured around. You don't get brought to lame touristy places to get scammed because Sunrise Greece takes a lot of pride in showing the best of Greece and not just to squeeze money out of couples.

Except for your own shopping, you basically don't have to spend anything there.

Best of all you return with unbelievable wedding photos and a video with the most breath-taking backdrop of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Something different from the common wedding photos.

All the pictures and videos are shot with the most expensive cameras and equipment.

If you wish to join Sunrise Greece, they are coming to Singapore on July 8 til July 14! They will meet with couples then. If you wish to sign a package with them, please hurry to email them at info@sunrisegreece.com to book a meeting now!

Information for Sunrise Greece:

Email: info@sunrisegreece.com

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Datsumo Labo - Bugis Cube


Oh my!!! Who is this cutie??? :D :D :D

It's Datsumo Labo's mascot, Bihakuma, also called "Mei bai xiong" in Chinese, gracing Datsumo Labo's sixth branch at Bugis Cube during the opening!

She is flown in all the way from Japan!


Everyone was just squealing when she's around lol... I don't know what it is about mascots but they just make me so excitable lol.

Anyway before I get distracted... This is my third entry about Datsumo Labo!

You can read the first and second entry by clicking on the links. :)

What is Datsumo Labo? It is the fast growing hair removal salon with over 50 outlets in Japan and many more worldwide.

So happy because Datsumo Labo has so so so many outlets now! Bugis Cube is its sixth outlet. In case you don't know where Bugis Cube is, it is directly opposite Bugis Junction next to Liang Seah street. Very convenient and super near to Bugis MRT + many shopping malls!

Outside the salon are giant posters of me AND it's all pink, so naturally I love the them!

Datsumo Labo is very popular and the reason why there are so many outlets is because so many people go to them that they are often overbooked. Not to worry, now the outlets are so conveniently located all over Singapore. In fact, two more outlets are going to be opened.

The first East side branch will open 28th June at Katong Parkway Parade. The 7th branch will open at Somerset Orchard Central on 19th July.

Customers can do advance booking if they wish to. CLICK CLICK.

Bihakuma Y U SO CUTE??????!!!

Naturally cannot resist a selfie with her. :D

Let me recap a little about Datsumo Labo and why it's so popular in case you haven't read my past two entries:

1) It is very very affordable.

IPL service have always been expensive. Datsumo Labo makes hair removal very affordable for everyone by scrimping on things like renovation. HOW AFFORDABLE IS IT? How does a 4 area hair removal for only $69 sound? If you consider just waxing off your brazilian area is already $50++, this is permanent and covers FOUR areas... so yes, VERY affordable!

2) It is painless!!

3) There are no hidden fees.. 

No accosting customers to sign dodgy packages from spas that shut down a few months later. Everything is written very clearly so you totally understand what you are paying for and how much.

4) Datsumo Labo, unlike other places that provide permanent hair removal, ONLY DOES PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL AND NOTHING ELSE. They are specialists, so don't expect to get a pedicure, a facial, or a massage from them.

5) FULL REFUND if there are no results.

Yup, so this is the success story of Datsumo Labo. In short, people like them because they are so affordable and they are effective!

I've been to 4 Datsumo Labo hair removal sessions so far.

Since Qiuqiu and I are good friends and she is also sponsored by them, we sometimes talk about our experience with Datsumo, and we both agree they are great. :D

By the third time, most of the undesirable hairs on my body are GONE.

I'm a naturally hairy person AND on top of that my hairs are all pretty course and black, making them very ugly and obvious on my fair skin.

Before Datsumo Labo came into my life I used to dream of not having to shave, wax, tweeze and epilate all the stupid hairs on me anymore, wondering how that would be like, to be one of those lucky girls who don't have undesirable body hair.

To never accidentally leave the house wearing shorts and realising you didn't shave your leg hair and feel self conscious the rest of the day...

To never worry that your pubes might show through a light coloured bikini or worse, have a strand peek out.

To never have to decide to wear clothes with sleeves just because you are running late and don't have time to shave or pluck armpit hair before going out.

To never have to cringe away when your partner strokes your leg because you know instead of feeling velvety smooth it's prickly and scaly.


My leg hair is almost 90% gone. The rest are fine little hairs, half the thickness of my natural leg hair.

My armpits are almost 98% hairless. I count perhaps 6 strands of armpit hair left per armpit, and they are so fine they are almost not noticeable.

Brazilian is the slowest obviously coz there is denser hair there. However, I'd say about 70% of the hairs there are gone.

I'm a happy happy girl.


When I went to the new Bugis Cube outlet I saw that it looks very similar to the other outlets - simple, bright, clean and airy - except this time decked with some balloons.

The bare bones renovation work ensures more money saved go back to YOU, the customer.

Bloggers' testimonials aplenty!

With Bihakuma :D

I got a present from Bihakuma! Really yummy snacks from Japan!

Thanks Bihakuma!! MUAH MUAH!!

Shall also post pics from when I went to the PoMo branch opening at Dhoby Gaunt!

My face everywhere :X

Same clean no nonsense decor.

Bloggers who love Datsumo Labo. :D

It's not everyday you can take a pic with your own lifesized standee.

Just a pic for show haha this is how the consultations are done before treatments but I know everything by now lol so I don't need.

I realised also that Datsumo Labo has a different IPL machine now!

The GSD machine is actually even better!! I personally feel that it is more efficient in hair removal, although it is very slightly more painful for me.

When I said with this machine I can feel a very slight twinge of pain (compared to no pain at all the first two times), the staff told me that because it was my third time, they turned the power on higher for me. And they asked if I want them to lower it. I said it was tolerable, so we continued! In fact, I fell asleep shortly after. :O

If you too go to Datsumo Labo, you can also request for a higher power (more effective hair removal but slight pain) or a lower power (still effective hair removal but perhaps not the best it can do. However, not painful AT ALL).

It's really up to you. But I'd say go with whatever you are comfortable with. Even at the lower completely painfree setting, it was still super effective for me.

Information in case you wish to go to this outlet!!

There is a promotion for the month of June and July!!


You can quote my name "Xiaxue" and get 15% off too!! :D :D :D

FASTER BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW!!! Find out more about this awesome $49/mth promotion HERE.

There is also an ONLINE promotion right now, and you can find out more HERE.

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Datsumo Labo is holding a Beauty Pageant and we are looking for interested participants to join! Looking for a chance to shine but never had one? This is the event for you (:

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